All Beautiful Things Take Time.

Hello Revolutionaries, 

     I'm Jenni. I started Revolutionary Republic Beauty in my early twenties. With years in working online in e-commerces beauty. I notice very often I would have bad reactions to various cosmetics that I tried on. Whether it was expensive, cheap, name brand or not, vegan, organic, natural,etc. I would still have bad reactions on my skin, lips, scalps etc. With having allergies and eczema I had to learn what ingredients in cosmetics in order to find out if it was good for someone like me with sensitive skin. Decoding cosmetic ingredients was the key for me to find the right ingredients for me. I've learned what makes a product good is not its brand it is but what ingredients it's made out of.Fast forward in my late twenties. Many cosmetic trails and errors later. I created a beauty brand based on a higher level of safety standards. I base my Cosmetic line on the European Union of Cosmetic Ingredients 

I wanted Revolutionary Republic to be innovative, be unique, and always be revolutionary. 

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Will be launching our cosmetic line soon.

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